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Since the millennium change John Zerzan has been expressing his anti-civilization views on his one hour live radio show, "AnarchyRadio". By audio streaming (KWVA 88.1 FM) you can listen to "AnarchyRadio" live each week on Tuesday's at 7pm PST and express your views by calling 541-346-0645 during the live broadcast.

Listed below are the archives of "AnarchyRadio."


[audio] Invisible Committee buffoonery. Action news briefs. Fierce Dreams on nihilism. Visitors by Godfrey Reggio. WIRED: Sex in the Digital Age. Drought crises, more shootings than ever. Lang Gore's Hunting Seasons novel, now as audio book. Three calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Civilized "health care" and ebola, trans-species health crisis. More on egoism e.g. 'grounding' is authoritarian?? No more circus elephants, bemoaned by domesticators. John Gray trashes S. Pinker's "Better Angels" nonsense. Endless list of pigs murdered by the pigs; 4 cops shot last week. Action news, one call.


[audio] Bellamy from Free Radical Radio for the hour. Egoism, Jason McQuinn, nihilism dissected. "I'm surprised more anarchists have not adopted the term 'anti-left' to describe themselves," a South African listener. Godfrey Reggio interview on Sin- gularity website; anthropology corner.


[audio] "Light" reading. Latest pig murders and rampage shootings. The hilarious Freedom Club at UNC. Free Radical Radio interview of Jason McQuinn and discussion. More dis-ease news, severe weather news, action news, calls from Ohio, California.


[audio] Nihilist Arby's is the best. Homi Bhahba, postmodern zero, FC interviews IRL, anti-tech graffitist. Avalanche of health threats, "The Global Flight from the Family." Robotics, e-book failures, tech classrooms. Action news.


[audio] Who is postmodern? Adbusters=incoherence+worship of technology. Severe weather, New Delhi choking, Sao Paolo thirsty. Madness of biofuels, geo-engineering. "Escaping the Void" by Steve Kirk. Terrorism spreads, modernity and democracy wanting. One call.


[audio] Black and Green Review is at printer; excerpt from Kevin Tucker's "The Suffocating Void." Robotic news, urban crises. Govt. looking into geo-engineering! New anarchy media offerings, post-left is a dodge. Google Glass is an Edsel. Harari's Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. Actions news.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. "Primitivism without the Anarcho-?" Black Mirror, sign of the times. Troubled sleep in the techno-scape. What is thinking, consciousness? Crazy health claims. Action briefs, two calls.


[audio] Contemporary indigenous writing, new exhibit. Aushwitz. Autonomy, redemption. Ad of the week. Anti-civ = "deathist"! "green syndicalism"! Scary news, why so many threats, signs of collapse? It's a MYSTERY! we are told. Action news.


[audio] Choctaw poet Jim Barnes. Spill, disease outbreak, shooting recall, torture chamber - of the week. Keystone XL is a decoy, George Monbiot's phoney "rewilding." Oceans dying, terrorism spreading, but action reports.


[audio] Kathan on point. Paris hit. Terrorism or resistance. The emptiness of civilization, dire symptoms increase, Franz Fanon, M. Houellebecq, Pico Iyer, Ulrich Beck. Dodge commercial: "Driving is a holy endeavor." Action reports and new developments.


[audio] Is Wagner's Parsifal opera anarcho-primitivist? 2014 hottest on record, Snowpiercer best movie of 2014. "Black Mirror" series critiques techno-future. Zuckerberg TIME's Man of the Year, year of selfies narcissism. Cops get a taste of the gunfire, mass society gets more unhealthy. Resistance news, including new ITS-type action groups (Chile, Argentina).


[audio] Cyberwarfare with N. Korea - just the beginning. "Why Sit on Santa's Lap, When You Can Use an App?" Ads of the week. "Raising Beef is Good for the Planet." More eco-collapse, recalls, shootings. New EF! Journal. Action news, three calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Sydney hostages, Pakistan school massacre, US rampage shootings: it's all terrorism. Peace police and identity politics racket vs. Berkeley/Oakland resistance. Weather politics, anti-work, more disorders from technology. Action briefs, two calls.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. MAJOR resistance, especially in Berkeley. Suddenly a "New Age" of contestation? Tech ruins memory - so what? Humans didn't drive Mastodons to extinction. Nihilism no substitute for liberatory anti-politics. Let's play "Really??" Action briefs, two calls.


[audio] Morales and nukes: indigenous opposition. Anti-misanthropy from Uncivilized Animals. Pluses and minuses of anarchy milieu as 2014 nears its end. Corrosive cynicism of; nihilism as retardant. Action news.


[audio] Second half of Roman civ essay. Riflebird on Black Seed: "depressing hangover." Wild Reaction blows up telethon for disabled kids in Mexico - wtf? Farenheit 451 as anti-tech novel. Action reports.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Zoltan KO'd at Stanford! Much discussion on air re: Stanford event - and topics not discussed there e.g. trans-humanist fetish of immortality vs. dealing with death. Action news, two calls.


[audio] Reading "Arrivederci Roma," some weekly news. Black Seed #2 on anthropology. Resistance to online "life"--and even to electricity. Action news.


[audio] Autism and civ; Alzheimer's and isolation. Cars, rockets, Zizek, Kingsnorth fail big. Whither Girl Scouts? New films. France explodes, pro-ZAD-wise. Lots of other action news, one call.


No show tonight. John is out sick.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Key role of Kurdish women fighters. Politics of AIDS/Ebola. Gaming discussion. Isolation, withdrawal in tech society. Siri as unhealthy response to autism epidemic. Action news, one call.


[audio] NPR vetoes JZ interview. Ebola raging, Cindy whining. Eco news, suicides up. Illusions of green energy. Action news, our media news. Three calls.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. News of anarchists in Turkey in solidarity with Kurds, fighting to smash ISIS and Turkish state. Spark by John Twelve Hawks, The Human Age by Diane Ackermain (thumbs down on the latter). Lets play "Really??" Techno-follies, action news, one call.


[audio] Kathan is co-host. Wisdom Sits in Places by Keith Basso, "Swimming through Garbage" by Lewis Pugh. Half of earth's wildlife killed off since 1970. FBI: mass shootings on the rise, as are health crises, recalls and sites of resistance. Action news, four far-flung calls.


[audio] Heat, emissions set new records: 300,000 in NYC demonstrate their impotence. And There Was Light by Jacques Lusseyran, Treblinka by Jean-Francois Steiner vs. nihilism/cynicism. Report from Whiteaker 'hood, Eugene. Planet of unhealth, new anti-industrial voices, one call.


[audio] io9 interview responses (!) "Were We Happier in the Stone Age? (The Guardian 5 September). Civilization and violence, drive-through funeral parlor. Climate Summit farce. Add lithium to drinking water? Two calls.


[audio] The Double Life of Paul de Man by Evelyn Barish, reply to Wolfi's "On Radical Moralism and Wildness." io9 interview questions, Ward Churchill interviewed on Fox News. Rampant disease, violence. No water? Paint your lawn green! Action news, ITS is now Wild Reaction.


[audio] Cops beat Eugene bakery worker. Global industrial cancer toll, new climate projections. Narcissism reports. Why do hundreds from West go to join ISIS fanatics? The delirious techno-fantasies of Michio Kaku. Rise of films about solitude. Action news.


[audio] Seattle and Philadelphia Anarchist Book Fairs last weekend. Nihilism and green anarchy. Fierce Dreams. "Sitting is the New Smoking", weather extremes, "climate swerve"? Action news, three substantial calls.


[audio] Kathan here. Ferguson and resistance. Civilization as failing pacification. Mercury up, elephants down; the terrible toll in every sphere of an anti-life Machine. Action news, two calls.


[audio] Grusha from Moscow for the hour. His impressions of U.S., primitivists in Russia, anarchists and nazis. Our position + tactics in age of police power, outlook for new upheavals. Self-importance decried as well as sacrificial orientation. Two calls.


[audio] Toledo: don't drink the water! Liminal. Ebola, anti-trans creeps, "Nihilist Sect of Free Death"?? Peak Sand? Industrial disasters, action reports, three calls (two from Toledo).


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. Robotics vs. humanness (e.g. child sex robots, robot caregivers). "Ableism!" charge rebutted by Ian E. Smith. Horrors of the wacked week: shocking health news, Chinese river runs red, sense of dread, decline of golf! Action news. De Landa and origin of language.


[audio] Enormity of loneliness, cuddle clubs. "The Tech Utopia Nobody Wants." New Bad Egg Books infoshop. "Wooden Ships" from Uncivilized Animals, critique of "Animals Dreams." Action news, child sex robots proposal, four calls.


[audio] KZ co-hosts. Health scares, uber-surveillance, Gaza, recalls, collapse, shootings. "Forget about Changing the World" - give to charity. New tech outrages, resistance news, Abyss, Michel Serres, no calls.


[audio] Michael Becker from Fresno co-hosts, reports on Earth First! Rendezvous. Action reports. Zoo madness. What do we call this zeitgeist? One call.


[audio] With Jimmy at the helm. Dane here, reports on Resistance Ecology and Eugene event. Egoism defended (caller), general news, VICE interview, Facebook turns users into "lab rats." Two new anti-internet books, two calls.


[audio] Response to "On Radical Moralism and Wildness." Over-warming news, dis-ease spreading among species, technology encroaching on humanness and human autonomy. Fine resistance items, one call (from UK).


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Dis-integrating Iraq. More on (growing?) sense of futility, ego-orientation, our sense of responsibility to persevere and overcome. Domestic drones, Chris Hedges: plagiarist scumbag! Action news. One call.


[audio] Planet pummeled and poisoned; entrapped by technology. Kinds of violence; water eclipsed. Kids turning away from "social media"? Resistance items, four v. substantial calls.


[audio] Afghanistan. "Faster! The Age of Acceleration." Culture of loneliness, death. Few are voting, "living" online, more robo-life. More obesity, recalls, apps for the stupid."Eco-terrorism" movies, workers opposing union repression. Action reports.


[audio] A bit more on Black Seed, Her. Isla Vista shooting rampage and other shootings. Recalls, sick planet news, anonymity question, Marcos changes name for the media. Action news, three calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts, More discussion of Black Seed. What is rewilding? Why is Aragorn such a postmodern urban hipster? General disaster news, sterling action news. Grave new tech developments.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. Most dire climate change studies yet, culture reflects end-game ethos. Calls: Kevin on Black Seed, Leopold on hope vs. critique. May 13 Telegraph on next Unabombers. Action news items.


[audio] More on Transcendence movie (e.g. from Stephen Hawking) and Paul Kingsnorth. Industrial/pollution news, creepy techno-developments. Action reports, two calls (re: Black Seed tour; dreary, plodding leftism).


[audio] Adbusters, Sydney Anarchist Book Fair honchos really suck. Paul Kingsnorth surrenders for New York Times limelight. Artificial leaves, voices, expressions. Action news, two calls about veganism.


[audio] Dane, surprise guest. Transcendence movie (see it!), Obsidian Point (new ITS-like group in Mexico), Liminal novella (buy it!). Nihilist hope? General disaster news, action news, three calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Discussion of the place of the positive, moral thinking. 'Anxiety' piece in new issue of Anarchy. Shootings spike. Resistance news, three calls.


[audio] Dialog and lack of it in our political culture. Read my 'health' piece. Sinking land, failing global health, mammoth recalls, spring shootings, industrial disasters. Action news, no calls.


[audio] Malaysian jetliner + oceans of trash; WA killer mudslide + industrial logging. Alienation and Acceleration book: modernity careens on, faster and faster. Megafauna extinctions, swordfish attacks BP, one call.


[audio] Cricket on board. Al-Jazeera on anarchism. Will the Left always predominate? Endless spills, leaks, mega-dams, pollution. Wild farming, simple solutions, new anti-social apps. Action reports, one call.


[audio] Kathan here. Language explored. Final thoughts on Portland Biennial 2014, BASTARD conference criticized. NASA predicts the end as industrialism trashes all. No more dancin, is choice of tech-addicted kids in NY. Two calls.


[audio] Cliff is here. New SAT test (technology makes you stupid). Enviro scourges; industrialism no longer able to successfully make cars, planes; tech crazinesses, including Michio Kaku's. Action news, one call.


[audio] Fort Lewis College visit last week, Portland Biennial 2014. News of the void, health/dis-ease news. Resistance reports, two calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Donald Fagen: luddite! Barbie defends S.I. Swimsuit Issue. WSJ Spring Fashion lifelessness, global industrial blight. Resistance news, one call.


[audio] How to explain Keith and Jensen?? Books on Derrida, Adorno. Spills, heroin, pop culture at its zenith. 800,000-year-old footprints, e-diapers, action highlights, 3 calls.


[audio] Shootings spread to Russia, Sochi mess. Weather and water crises. Lierre Keith-at-E-law upcoming scandal. Union realities. Action news. Two calls (largely about "Her").


[audio] Read "Animal Dreams" (half of broadcast). General weekly news, resistance news. Two calls: Lierre Keith at E-Law alert; two poems.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Sandy Hook killer's call to Anarchy Radio/ media antics in "Age of School Shootings." Message from Serbia. Action news, calls about chicken lobotomies, despair. Domestication uber alles.


[audio] Earliest cities destroy environment (Jan. Smithsonian). Gillis' "Post-Primitivist Theses" and Badiou's "Philosophy for Militants" - equally nauseating. Mass sur- veillance, mass insomnia, mass contamination. Sterling acts of resistance, three calls.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. "Health care" reality, weather now dangerous, water running out. "Human nature?" How can we diverge from this catastrophic course? Action news. More on tech developments, two calls.


[audio] What is a hospital? Nietzsche, Agamben, insurrectos. "Baka Pygmies Caught in the Maze of Modernity." News of the week, resistance news, techno news. Two calls.


[audio] More on the movie "Her"; Sochi Games jinx; food production and terrorism; erased memories; shoplifting, depression up with Holiday Season. Hunter-gatherer ethos of humility. Action items, two calls.


[audio] Ann from Portland co-hosts. Drones, robots, mass surveillance, Fukushima cancers, no more bananas? Reactive Foraging and traditional knowledge. Action news, two calls.


[audio] 400,000-year-old humans. Mandela, spying gone wild, whales dying. Action news. Signs of disaffection with techno-life. Three calls.


[audio] Thanksgiving--indigenous say no thanks. Failures of modernity. China watch, waning of trust. Action news, four calls.


[audio] A Fire at the Mountain event in Flagstaff: momentous. Pope is anti-tech. Toys 'R' Us says nature is boring. Spying, droning, polluting. Action news, two calls.


[audio] Kathan and Ann host. MEND movement for emancipation of Niger Delta. Prisons, Queen Nanny, Igbo Women’s War, one call (on hope), on-line surveillance.


[audio] Mega-typhoon Haiyan: just the beginning. World round-up: China all-out, walking bad for environment (!), dolphins dying. Action news, one (crank) call. A Fire at the Mountain: anti-colonial and anarchy event in Flagstaff.


[audio] "How Forests Think." Global spying, global technology vs. "Deserting the Digital Utopia." Global violence, e.g. ever-increasing shooting sprees in U.S. Action news, one call.


[audio] Mr. Cliff on hand. Successful Layla AbdelRahim talk in Portland. Nostalgia. Ritual/myth needs (?). Report from Australia. Action news, four calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. One more school shooting. Industrial/energy toll everywhere, more erratic weather, globalized contamination, vast Pacific dead zone: civilization triumphant. Japanese trade intimacy for technology. Resistance reports, two calls.


[audio] Privacy, technology, Dave Eggers’ “The Circle” Creeping awareness of civilization as the problem. Global health worsening. Action news, two calls.


[audio] Jonathan Crary, Howard Stirner. Vehicular carnage, violence (DC and everywhere), wilder weather. Ups and downs of techno-world, opposition. Action items, three calls.


[audio] Domestication wars. Climate, weather, shootings, eco-disasters, urban plight globally. Resistance news. Meaning of the all-enveloping techno onslaught. Three calls.


[audio] Kathan on tap. Crimethinc. podcast #10. Shootings expose empty pieties. Landslides, Pacific acidification. American cities in decline. Action news, four calls.


(link fixed)

[audio] Latest shootings: "security"? NSA, Syria, worst China excesses, American worker vs. medieval peasant (who works MUCH more?). South Korea offers permanent smile, etc. Lots of Action News, including major anarchist arsons in 3 countries. Three calls.


[audio] Cliff here. General resource crisis behind Egypt’s fissures, "Why Hope?" Techno-madness (e.g. sex robot Roxxy), failures of everyday mass world. Action news. Three calls (one from Australia).


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. More on Ziggy Zeitgeist's "Disquiet"—or wired in the Brave New World. Shootings, suicides, Fukushima, extinctions. Action news, three calls.


[audio] Anti-measurement, society is now a Nothing Zone: "The Disquiet of Ziggy Zeitgeist" by Henry Allen: Reality itself is dwindling. News, action news. Nancy Richardson’s "Time Hog." Four calls.


[audio] A word on egoism, rest of "Numb and Number" reading. Extinctions, viruses, contaminations, shootings, fracking goes off-shore. Sports scandals, stem cell burger. Action news.


[audio] More on Monbiot, origins of war. Read part of "Numb and Number." Workout pill, smartphones read emotions better than humans. "Where are the canoe people?" Lots of actions. One call: why you hate egoism?


[audio] Kathan on show. Brazilian anti-civ "Horde" steps up! Global survey of industrial toll. George Monbiot cops out, Chris Hedges: absurd liberal. Techno stupefaction, action news. One call: DGR alert. Please note: John will not be doing the show next week (July 23)


[audio] Signs of collapse mount on a daily basis. Turkish "anarchists" interviewed, Chomsky sees the light (?). Walter Bond on technology. Resistance shorts. Calls from North Carolina, Australia.


[audio] Even more spying, severe heat, fires. UK anarchist journals fail re: originality, technology. Digital dementia, Eco-poetry, global action news. Call from China.


[audio] Kathan here. No secrets safe for government or individuals. News, e.g. increasingly crazy weather, fires, urbanization. Last Train from Zona Verde, The East. Action news. One call.


[audio] Cliff here. End of privacy, environment, non-urban world, normaal weather, etc. Viva Turks and Brazilians rising up. Jared Diamond dissected. Three calls (one from China).


[audio] Taksim Square battle. Avalanche of government spying as technology marches on. Some general news, one call, plus Fifth Estate editor Peter Werbe on phone for last half hour.


[audio] Turkey rocks out! Report from Resistance Ecology Conference in Portland. Soylent, MOOC, burger-holders, drugs not working! Resistance news, two calls.


[audio] Language discussion: how best to employ. Food's value warning, Martin Amis, "The East", outlandish ads. End of privacy. Action news


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. DGR self-destructs. Oklahoma super-tornado, other weather/climate crises globa lly. Suicides, loneliness theme, anthropology news. Action reports. One on-air call.


[audio] Dalai Lama here. Massive science and tech mean massive problems, not solutions. Deep Green disgrace in Portland. Guest poet, action news, two calls.


[audio] Wylden and Sumac on the show. May Day action = post-Left? Suicides increase, drugs fail. New tech madness. Life off the grid discussion. Four calls.


[audio] More heat on Pacific Northwest anarchists, Layla’s anti-civ economics. News (disasters) round-up, high tech survey, action news. Many calls!


[audio] Olympia Anarchist Convergence. (Another) week of nihilistic violence--its varieties. China, water crises, rape epidemics. What is the anarchist alternative? Action news, new books, upcoming events. A record-tying 7 calls!


[audio] Kathan on show. Boston Marathon bombing--and everyday shootings, terrorism. Robot bees, patented genes. 'Fragile' planet--why? Action news, five calls.


[audio] Cliff! Serbia and Houston: “meaningless” violence erupts today. Human nature—or civilization? Action reports, Green Panther Party (?). Human No More: anthropology in cyberspace. Two calls.


[audio] Brazil anarchist conference. No more bees? More on China, Lake Erie. Action news, app of the week. Three calls.


[audio] Brazil anarchist conference. No more bees? More on China, Lake Erie. Action news, app of the week. Three calls.


[audio] Jimmy the kid—with daughters Saleh and Nico—discuss communication (clarity, real connection, etc.).


[audio] Kathan returns. Species extinctions, no pope extinction. Drones everywhere, Iraq 10 years later, technology driving us faster. Civilization and its growing, roaring madness. Resistance news.


[audio] News roundup: scarier and scarier. One (Midwest) call, about anarchist dialog. Action news from various countries. Ever more bizarre techno choices, how technology and capital feed each other.


[audio] Cricket returns! Global news: eco-destruction, police state direction, etc. Discussion of Barcelona and ITS communiqués, including moral dimensions, choices. Action news roundup, three superb calls.


[audio] Cliff at the ready. All sorts of news, the culture of dis-ease, disconnection, desperate diversion. Discussion of the claims of technology and bizarre facets of the apps-world. Lots of action news around the world.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Chagnon’s Noble Savages, 7th Individualists Tending toward the Wild communiqué. Obama’s Brain Activity Map and other news, selected anarchist action news. Fine New Orleans call.


[audio] "Even cops hate cops"- the Chris Dorner story. Goodbye, moose and caribou. Cruise ship fiasco, corruption news, collapse forecast. Action reports, one (very informative) call.


[audio] US: killer state, Israel ugliness, corruption of mass sports. Dissection of Adbusters. Lots of Resistance. App 'life,' DNA as data storage. Dung beetle guided by Milky Way!


[audio] Me and Karl. Black Bloc in Egypt! My 8 days in Arizona, global follies, action jackson, techno-bizarro, ads of the week.


[audio] Jimmy's excellent musico-political odyssey. (He does a mostly punk KWVA show called 'Songs of Love Song' Monday evenings at 10.)


[audio] Kathan here. Alice pinch hits for John. Collapse on all fronts, mounting techno-idiocy. Unschooling. Can intimate communities still be foundâyes! Action news provides some examples. Two calls.


[audio] Disaster news, including techno 'advances.' Action news. 30 minutes with FIFTH ESTATE editor Peter Werbe by phone.


[audio] More on shootings, general madness news. Syndrome E, action reports. Tiqqun's Theory of the Young Girl. Great (insane) ads. One call.


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